Manager: a graphical package management front-end for GoboLinux

Manager enables the user to keep track of all installed versions of programs as long as what new versions are available to be installed.

Manager makes disctinction of two big groups of program versions:

Installed versions are, of course, versions which are already installed at the users system. An installed version may be:

Available versions are the versions of a package that are, somehow, available to be installed. Each available version may be:

The following screenshot shows a typical Manager screen.

Manager screen

Notice that each type of available version may be hidden or shown using the toolbar.

Actions like program installation or removal may be ordered throught the 'Commands' menu, or using the mouse right-click. The commands are always placed in a 'Commands queue', which is processed once the 'start' Play button is pressed.

When any version or program is selected, informations about it are show in the right side of the screen, above the commands queue. Many programs already have complete descriptions. Contributions of missing descriptions are welcome. Please follow the same scheme used in the description available at /Files/Descriptions and send the new descriptions to André Detsch (detsch at gobolinux dot org)

Getting Manager

Manager is shipped by default since GoboLinux 012, but it also works on previous releases, provided you have a recent Scripts package, as well as in the Rootless hosted mode. Both can be found at the packages page.