Rootless GoboLinux

You can install GoboLinux in your home directory under another Linux distribution and run GoboLinux applications as an unpriviledged user.

We call this type of installation "Rootless GoboLinux."

After installing Rootless, you will be able to build software using recipes, and run these programs in the GoboLinux way.

Rootless GoboLinux lets you use a GoboLinux development environment in situations where you don't have a choice of operating system. Rootless also works under OSX, and in Cygwin and (probably) the new Linux subsystem under Windows.

One limitation under Rootless is that you won't be able to install or generate binary packages, since your installation will be relative to your particular home directory.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information if needed.

Installing Rootless

In order to install Rootless GoboLinux, all you have to do is to download and run the CreateRootlessEnvironment script (you will need to run "chmod +x CreateRootlessEnvironment" in order to be able to execute the downloaded file).

The above mentioned script does some simple tasks. Basically:

  • Creation of stub "Programs" and "System" directories
  • Installation of the Scripts package
  • Creation of a 'StartRootless' scripts, which is sourced within ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc


CreateRootlessEnvironment and the GoboLinux scripts assume the basics of a GNU userland available (which is usually not an issue in Linux-based systems, but may not be the case in other ones). Before running the script, make sure at least these tools are available in your $PATH:

Uninstalling Rootless

If you need for any reason to remove Rootless later, it's just a matter of taking away ~/Programs, ~/System and ~/.Settings -- pretty simple.

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