The custom Awesome WM environment shipped by default in GoboLinux, running Firefox, themed accordingly. The Wi-Fi widget uses GoboNet, our own daemon-free network manager.

Our Awesome WM configuration uses a familiar setup with floating windows, but keybindings can be used to tile and dock windows to the screen corners. Our custom audio widget launches a transient frameless terminal running an instance of AlsaMixer that can be controlled via keyboard or mouse.

A visual overview of Runner, our filesystem virtualization tool. In this example, a 32-bit package and its libraries are installed in /Programs and used via Runner, without conflicting with the rest of the system.

The GoboLinux installer runs in either text or graphical mode, thanks to AbsTK, the Abstract Toolkit we developed especially for building the Installer. It is a library that allows a single codebase to produce a TUI and a GUI.

If you're running Gobo with your own customizations, send your screenshot along with a description to gobo AT gobolinux DOT org and we may feature it here!

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