GoboLinux dev team

Like most free software projects, GoboLinux has a very loose development model. More often than not, developers contribute to the distribution in their spare time, so many come and go as their availability allows. It is therefore hard to make a static "list of developers", but this page will hopefully provide some information about who are the people who made and make this distro a reality.

Developers with current or former commit access are listed as "dev".

  • Lucas Correia Villa Real - dev, 005-010 core team, 015-016 release manager, GoboHide, recipe collector
  • Hisham Muhammad - co-founder, dev, 005-010 core team, Compile, recipe reviewer
  • André Detsch - co-founder, dev, 005-010 core team, 007-013 release manager, Manager GUI tool
  • Michael Homer - dev, Freshen, Recipe Review site, maintainer of lists.gobolinux.org and the old forum
  • Aitor Pérez Iturri - dev, Spanish translations
  • Jonas Karlsson - dev, maintainer of the Swedish mirror, Swedish translations
  • Guilherme Bedin - dev, 005-010 core team, 003-007 release manager
  • Rafael Jeffman - dev, 005-010 core team
  • mpb - developer of the original Recipes website
  • Felipe Damasio - GoboHide
  • Carlo Calica - dev, maintainer of the calica.com mirror
  • Nick Matteo - maintainer of the old wiki and the kundor.org mirror
  • Dan Charney - dev
  • MJ Ray - dev
  • Zoltán Viola - Hungarian translations, maintainer of the old Hungarian forum
  • Harald Klimach - German translations
  • Sergei Zhuravlev - Russian translations
  • Daria Tikhonova - Russian translations
  • Marc Falzon - French translations
  • Thibault Huguet - French translations
  • Arsène Dernière - French translations
  • Giambattista Bloisi - Italian translations
  • Daniele Maccari - Italian translations
  • Fatih Altınok - Turkish translations
  • Sipieter Nicolas - Japanese translations
  • Henrik Hodne - Norwegian translations
  • Alan Haugen - Norwegian translations
  • Leandro Motta Barros - docs

An additional "thank you!" to everyone who contributed one-off translations to the website. These are credited individually on each page.

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