Quickies: Mirror, Gobo386, Scripts, Packages

And here's a quick update on the latest happenings in the GoboLinux world...

We've got a new mirror, thanks to Chefax R&D. It is located in Portugal.

Meanwhile, work is progressing very well in the port of GoboLinux to i386. We have a Pentium-166 running it right now and we expect to get an ISO out soon.

For those who haven't kept up with the mailing list, the GoboLinux hierarchy is going through a series of small but important improvements. /System/Links/Environment centralizes environment variable configurations. /System/Links/Daemons controls daemons using RunIt. /Programs/Foo/1.0/Defaults stores the app's default settings. Each program can also keep and pack its own /System/Variable entries. To use these features you need to upgrade the Scripts package.

Last but not the least, a number of packages are popping up on the repositories. Keep an eye on the "Latest Packages" sidebar!

• 2004-11-07 00:18

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