GoboLinux 007 released

GoboLinux 007 After some weeks of intensive work, GoboLinux 007 final is available for download (download it!). Since 006, there were major improvements all over the system, including the funcionality required to pack "Environment", "Daemons" and "Default Settings" information within packages (using the "Resources" directory). The LiveCD experience was also severely improved: now you can run even KDE and OpenOffice without touching your hard disk. With the use of IsoLinux, most (maybe all) of the compatibility problems experienced when trying to boot the 006 CD on certain machines are solved.

If you have a GoboLinux 006 running, you don't need to reinstall it. Use the GoboLinux006-007 conversion script to turn your system fully compatible with the new scripts and packages.

• 2004-11-07 00:20

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