GoboLinux 010rc1 is ready for a spin

So, GoboLinux 010rc1 is here. Lots of important improvements on this one, including hardware detection based on Kudzu and a graphical installer (which also works in text-mode with a curses interface). As the 'rc1' in the name implies, this is pretty close to a stable version, but it is still a development release. There are a few known issues and new ones may pop in the mailing list before 010 final is out, so, if you want to help us make 010 truly rock, give 010rc1 a spin and report your experiences in the list. We are especially interested in hear about any bugs related to the new features.

And no, we did not bump the version number. Release numbers are octal... they all start with 0, get it? :)

• 2004-11-07 00:22

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