GoboLinux 013

GoboLinux 013

We are pleased to introduce GoboLinux 013, the new major release of GoboLinux, the alternative Linux distribution. This release is the result of over an year of work on the build infrastructure used by the distribution. The new Live CD build environment is highly customizable and package building was overhauled by using a dynamically-generated sandboxed environment which insulates the source code and its dependencies during compilation.

These under-the-hood improvements resulted in cleaner builds when bringing the package set up-to-date: major upgrades include Xorg 7.1, KDE 3.5.3, Glibc 2.4 and GCC 4.1.1. This release also features a number of improvements in the management tools, particularly new versions of Manager, the graphical management console, and Compile, the GoboLinux package building tool.

Read the detailed release notes for more information

• 2006-11-02 10:45

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