GoboLinux talk at the International Forum on Free Software confirmed

This year's International Forum on Free Software will feature a presentation given by the creators of GoboLinux. The forum will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, June 5th, 6th, 7th.

Three papers written by the GoboLInux developers were also accepted for publication/presentation in the technical workshop that happens in parallel to the Forum. They are: "GoboHide: a flexible and scalable solution for hidden inodes in the Linux kernel" by Felipe Damasio and Lucas Correia Villa Real, "The GoboLinux distribution" by Andr´ Detsch and Guilherme Bedin, and "Portability and flexibility in Free Software: the GoboLinux experience" by Hisham Muhammad and Rafael Jeffman. The original papers are in Portuguese but we expect to translate and publish them here after the workshop.

• 2004-11-07 00:30

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