Important documentation updates

Once you have downloaded GoboLinux 006, please check the release notes for important information concerning installation and use of the system.

On a related note, docs were added explaining how the GoboLinux scripts manage the /Programs and /System/Links trees.

• 2004-11-07 00:30

First international mirror up! (Updated: more mirrors)

Well, it took a bit long to find it, but here it is: our first international mirror is up and running, serving the ISO through HTTP and FTP. Many thanks to the folks from PlanetMirror for the incredibly quick response. This mirror is located in Australia, check the downloads page for the links.

Updated: And GoboLinux now has FTP mirrors in Spain and Finland. Thanks to Telefonica Data Corp, and to

• 2004-11-07 00:30

High server load: download using FTP or BitTorrent

The Kuro5hin article introducing GoboLinux was an astounding success, with good repercussion in OSNews. We just did not expect to be slashdotted that soon (but then, who does?). We have no mirrors (yet! contact us), so we had to limit the availability of the ISO to FTP and BitTorrent, due to requests from the the managers of the backbone our server is connected to.

Finally, thanks a lot to everyone for the amazing feedback. We really look forward to hear about your experiences with GoboLinux... see you all in the mailing list!

• 2004-11-07 00:30

It's official: GoboLinux 006 is out!

Five months after the first alpha version, GoboLinux version 006 is now the official stable release. There are too many improvements to list here, the greatest ones being /System/Links/Shared, FiboSandbox, and last but never the least, GoboHide. As usual, the ISO is compiled for i686 and is a "live CD" so you can try out GoboLinux without actually installing it, so you have no reason not to check it out. :)

Existing users don't need to reinstall from scratch (actually the idea is to never have to reinstall from scratch!). An upgrade mini-HOWTO will soon be posted on our mailing list.

• 2004-11-07 00:30

To-do list: ideas for the future

GoboLinux is all about cool ideas. A lot of them float around in the mailing list, but end up buried in the archives. Now has a place to store them, with an optimistic name of To-do List. It is part of the documentation section.

• 2004-11-07 00:29

New GoboLinux webpage up

As you have probably noticed, the new webpage is up. :) Not everything is already PHPified ("Latest packages" is still updated manually) but work progresses really well. Stay tuned on the mailing list: 006 will be posted Real Soon Now.

• 2004-11-07 00:28

GoboLinux to appear at SICOMPI 2003

Hisham Muhammad and André Detsch will do a talk entitled "GoboLinux: revolucionando a estrutura de diretórios do Linux" ("GoboLinux: revolutionizing the Linux directory structure") at the Univates University, this April 14th, as part of SICOMPI 2003. The fundamental concepts will be presented, as well as a live demo of the system in action.

We hope to have 006 ready by then, or at least a release candidate. There's a lot going on in the GoboLinux camp, so stay tuned!

• 2004-11-07 00:20

New GoboLinux directories

The last two legacy directories were removed from the GoboLinux root. Now /proc is a symlink to /System/Status and /dev is a symlink to /System/Devices.

• 2004-11-07 00:18

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