GoboLinux 014 development snapshots

For the process of stabilizing the GoboLinux 014 ISO and get it ready for release, we are now starting a series of development snapshots. The idea is to make it easier for people to see where we're at now, and to make it easier for people willing to help in testing out the release to "jump in" and get it to a state real close to where the live development is.

The latest snapshot is always available at the downloads page.

All feedback is greatly welcome. Please give it a spin and report any problems in the bug tracker.

• 2007-09-29 08:30

Scripts 2.7.0, Compile 1.9.0, ChrootCompile 1.0.3

New versions of the GoboLinux tools were announced, featuring a number of bugfixes. The new version of Scripts also includes reworked signing/verification functionallity and Scripts+Compile now has real support for GConf schemes, which is required for Gnome, and desktop files database, for better file type association and to update e.g. XFCE menu directly when installing/removing applications.
Have a look at the mailing list announcement for installation instructions and the full change log.

• 2007-09-11 06:32

New online recipe viewer

The GoboLinux website now has a new online search tool for recipes: recipes.gobolinux.org, which you can also access from the "chef hat" icon on this page. It has many nice features such as search by descriptions, crosslinked dependencies and the ability to view files from recipes. Many thanks to mpb, who is the developer and maintainer.

• 2007-07-24 12:12

Wallpaper contest: vote!

Help deciding which will be the default wallpaper for GoboLinux 014. The poll is open until Sunday, June 24. Thanks to everyone who contributed wallpapers.

Update: The poll is now closed and the results are in! Congratulations to Molfar for his winning entry!

• 2007-06-26 09:23

Forum is up and running

After a brief testing period, we are now ready to announce our new online forum. This is a new space for GoboLinux users to discuss the distro, share tips and help each other. Feel free to join in at forum.gobolinux.org. Thanks to Michael Homer for hosting and setting up the new forum. We'd also like to extend our thanks to the fine folks at PakistanOpenSource for their time hosting the old forum.

• 2007-06-18 12:43

New versions of GoboLinux tools available

Many of our tools received a new version today. They are:

Full announcement can be seen here.

• 2007-06-24 12:35

Wallpaper contest

The wallpaper for the LiveCD desktop has endured many releases and served very well through all these years giving that extra spice of quirkyness to this already unconventional distro, but as all things come to an end, it is time to retire it. What will take the place of the mysterious penguin feet? It's up to you to come up with. Yes, it's a wallpaper contest -- send in your proposals to gobo AT gobolinux.org and we'll post them online. Submission is open for two weeks (until May 19th).

• 2007-05-05 02:02

Announce: GoboLinux 014 release candidate

The first release candidate for GoboLinux 014 is out! Among other things, it includes a massive update of packages, including Glibc 2.5, Xorg 7.2, GCC 4.1.2 and KDE 3.5.6, with Linux + UTF-8 support. We have now, also, a better printing support, with a few basic drivers included in the LiveCD. And there were many, many bug fixes in the GoboLinux tools since 013, so we hope to provide a better experience for you all. Click here for information on download instructions and for the full package list.

• 2007-04-11 07:38

GoboLinux.org in Spanish!

We are happy to announce a new language available in the GoboLinux website: you can now browse gobolinux.org in Spanish! Many thanks to Aitor Pérez Iturri for his contributions.

• 2007-03-29 03:26

Scripts 2.6.3, Compile 1.8.3, ChrootCompile 1.0.2

New versions of the GoboLinux tools have been announced in the last weekend. Take a look here for installation instructions and full change log.

• 2007-03-13 10:21

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