GoboLinux featured on Linux+ Magazine

We're happy to announce that GoboLinux was picked as Distro of the Month in the August issue of Linux+, a leading European magazine about Linux with editions in French, German, Spanish, Czech and Polish.

• 2005-08-16 08:28

GoboLinux 012

GoboLinux 012

We are pleased to introduce GoboLinux 012, the new major release of GoboLinux, the alternative Linux distribution.This release features the usual series of application upgrades, and marks the transition from devfs and Kudzu to udev and Hotplug, which should bring hardware detection up-to-date. It also features a number of improvements in the management tools, particularly the integration of the graphical management console Manager

Read the detailed release notes for more information and choose your favorite download mirror

• 2005-06-06 22:45

Almost there - GoboLinux 012rc2

Containing small enhancements and some bug fixes, GoboLinux 012rc2 is available for download. This versions is planned to be tagged 012 final in May 30, if no relevant (and fixable in a short time) bug is detected. So... hurry up if you want to test it before 012 final is released.

• 2005-05-27 18:32

And finally.... 012rc1

After considerable improvements regarding device management (new version of Udev and Hotplug), GoboLinux 012rc1 is available for download. Hardware-related configuration scripts were also reogranized, and are now concentrated in a 'ConfigTools' package. Many tests and stability enhancements were performed last two weeks, giving this iso a release candidate status.

012 final is planned to no latter that 30/05 (hard deadline). The only planned changes are some translations strings (pt_BR and de_DE) at the installer.

• 2005-05-21 11:54

Going embedded with GoboLinux

For those happy owners of an ARM platform, here's the first GoboLinux release focused on the ARM920 processor. It's based on uClibc and BusyBox, and features the FreeDesktop.org's Xserver, among other libraries and applications. The tarball can be downloaded here.

For those interested in porting GoboLinux to an embedded architecture, there's a new article in the documentation section of the page.

• 2005-03-30 19:21

GoboLinux 012 beta1 is available for download.

After general enhancements and overall fixes based on reported problems, this release will be the last before a release candidate (to be prepared in the next week). Some programs like OpenOffice were added since 012 alpha1, and the list of packages will probably be kept until 012 final.

The iso is available for download here (597M)
MD5: 6c80366bfc4a29a9ddbb06964808b6a1

• 2005-05-03 10:41

GoboLinux 012 alpha1 is out!

This release contains all major changes planned for 012, including:

The iso is available for download here (388MB) MD5: d14728724a5411711d81fb2832648c1b

• 2005-01-25 22:03

Quickies: wiki, RSS

"Wiki's back and he told you so" - Completing the transition to the new servers, GoboLinux Knowlegde Base, our community wiki, is back online. Thanks to Nick Matteo for hosting it. RSS feeds - You can now keep track of the latest releases of GoboLinux packages and recipes using RSS.

• 2004-12-13 19:24

Infrastructure changes

The gobolinux.org infrastructure is moving to new hosts. This web site is already hosted in a new server; the binary package collections are now stored in mirrors at calica.com (thanks to Carlo Calica) and kundor.org (thanks to Nick Matteo). The mailing list addresses have changed, and are now hosted at wotfun.com, which now also answers as lists.gobolinux.org (thanks to Michael Homer).

During this transition period, the list and web site might become temporarily unavailable, while DNS catches up. We hope this outage to be as short as possible.

• 2004-11-07 00:30

Web-based forums

Thanks to the kind folks at Linux Pakistan, GoboLinux users now have a web-based forum in English. Head over to the GoboLinux Forum and enjoy.

• 2004-11-07 00:29

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