GoboLinux: what is it all about?

This page originally just contained a quick list of reminders for the users who installed GoboLinux (it was actually a HTML-ization of a textfile contained within the /Depot/Docs directory of the ISO). Since it is one-click away from Slashdot right now, I think people deserve a better introduction to what GoboLinux is all about.

For those who are interested and would like a more complete introduction, I recommend the Kuro5hin article I posted.

Now, a quick overview.

In GoboLinux, each program lives in its own directory, like this:

(and so on)  

For each category of files, there is a directory under /System/Links collecting symlinks of the programs' files.

(and so on)  

Traditional Unix paths are also symlinks, to the /System/Links strucutre:

/bin -> /System/Links/Executables  
/usr/bin -> /System/Links/Executables  
/usr/lib -> /System/Links/Libraries  
(and so on)  

This system provides many niceties: it makes it easy for different versions of libraries to coexist, it's easy to uninstall software compiled from source, and it does not require a database-oriented package management system. In case you're wondering, we do have a basic dependency tracking system going. Other unusual stuff: it doesn't use either SysV nor BSD bootscripts (in favor of a simpler, custom system); the default user #0 is named "gobo" instead of "root" (just because -- you can set it to anything you like).

The project is one-and-a-half year old, and it is on a quite usable state.

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