To-do List

Here's a list of things we plan for the future. These are not "promised features", and they are in various stages of completion/design, and those are listed in no particular order. This is kept here, first and foremost, for our own control. Think of it as a place to centralize the good ideas that pop up on the GoboLinux mailing list.

  • Improve name capitalization with a dictionary of exceptions, as suggested here.
  • Make scripts check on the availability of tools they need (for example, make the PlayVideo wrapper check for mplayer). This is kinda trivial to implement, but there should be a unified method to do this, so that all scripts make use of it.
  • Programs/App/1.0/Resources - a directory to hold things such as:
    • /Programs/App/1.0/Resources/Environment - environment variables and aliases needed by the application.
    • /Programs/App/1.0/Resources/Dependencies - our .dependencies file should move here.
    • /Programs/App/1.0/Resources/Wrappers - convenience scripts created for GoboLinux (former app-dependant scripts in the Scripts packages). For example: /Programs/MPlayer/Current/Resources/Wrappers/PlayVideo
    • /Programs/App/1.0/Resources/Icon - who knows? Maybe one day we could implement a menu-management system.
  • Allow the package installation scripts to download stuff. Packages which depend on other packages could download them from or other user-specified mirrors. Source packages could download the source .tar.gz file from the app's original site.
  • Update Rootless to "006ify it" (update it to use /S/L/Shared), and make the Scripts package fully-Rootless-compatible again.
  • Remove archive management scripts from the Scripts package. Use atool (or a similar project) instead.
  • Separate the "base set" into two sets: the set of programs to be copied to a freshly installed system, and the set of programs to be available in the live ISO.
  • Improve documentation on installation, especially boot loader stuff.
  • Add proper SCSI support on the CD.
  • Dependencies of Python packages could be detected searching for "import" lines in .py files with a rather small amount of parsing.

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