GoboLinux 006 - Release notes / Known issues

This page collects relevant information concerning GoboLinux version 006. This file can be considered a companion to the documentation included in the CD, and will be regularly updated as we get feedback in the mailing list.

Known bugs/issues

GoboLinux, like most free software, is in constant improvement. Since it is still improving, it means it is not perfect. Since it is not perfect, it means it has bugs. Here's the list of known bugs in the latest release (of course, they should all be fixed until the next one).


  • The progress bar may not fill up to 100%, even though the installation is complete. In this case, you can press "Q" at any time (even before the installation is done) and the installer will proceed correctly with the installation.


  • To set the timezone, modify Glibc's localtime symlink inside /Programs/Glibc/Settings. Modifying it inside /System/Settings does not suffice. We intend to fix this.
  • The proprietary Java and Flash plugins at /Files/Plugins (distributable free of charge and available as a convenience) are linked to GCC 2 libraries. Either install GCC 2 (you can keep GCC 3 as Current version) or update the plugins.
  • Not really a bug, but worth a comment: DHCP is listed as an option in the network boot scripts, but DHCPCD is not installed in the base system as default. Remember to install this package if you intend to use DHCP.
  • The GCC packages were modularized late in the release process. Because of this, some packages will complain that GCC is missing, even though this is not true. Please ignore.
  • The dependency listings may show the same package several times. This is harmless.

Additional packages

  • The Licq package does not include the Qt-only plugin, only the KDE version.
  • Some ALSA utilities create state files in /System/Settings directly. To have them stored inside ALSA-Utils, do:
    mkdir -p /Programs/ALSA-Utils/Settings
    touch /Programs/ALSA-Utils/Settings/{alsactl,asound.state}

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