GoboLinux 007 - Release notes / Known issues

This page collects relevant information concerning GoboLinux version 007. This file can be considered a companion to the documentation included in the CD, and will be regularly updated as we get feedback in the mailing list.

Known bugs/issues

On the installed system

  • makeinfo binary from Texinfo is was not correctly linked (due to an conflict with TeTex makeinfo). Running "SymlinkProgram -c overwrite Texinfo" is recommended for everybody that installed 007.
  • GDKXFT has a missing dependency in the CD, the FreeType package. Download it at the packages pages if you plan to use GDKXFT.
  • Though listed in the menu.lst file, GRUB is not compiled with splashimage support. The graphical bootloader from the CD is IsoLinux.
  • The patches stored in /Depot/Sources/Linux are not correct. To use the kernel sources, revert the patches with patch -R and, if desired, apply only the GoboHide patch. To access the compressed loopback image from the ISO, compile the cloop module separately.
  • Problems have been reported with supermount. It is not enabled by default, and we reccomend avoiding its use.

Running LiveCD

  • Some programs available inside CD didn't run as well as they should. Running a 'full' GoboLinux within CD is a recent feature and is being improved gradually. Some detected problems are listed bellow (if you know a solution to some of them, email us):
    - TeTex does not work;
    - To run some application within KDE without using an terminal (e.g., menus, ALT+F2), you need to specify the full path to it (/bin/ is enough). The PATH environment variable seems not to be used.
  • Up to now, we did'nt have any unsolved booting problem with the GoboLinux 007 CD. If the CD does not boot in your machine, try disabling the DMA option for your CDROM in the BIOS.

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