GoboLinux is an alternative Linux distribution which
redefines the entire filesystem hierarchy.

In GoboLinux you don't need a package database because
the filesystem is the database: each program resides in its own directory,
such as /Programs/Xorg-Lib/7.7 and /Programs/GCC/6.2.0. Like it? Learn more...

Latest news

Announcing GoboLinux 016.01

We are pleased to announce GoboLinux 016.01 after roughly 3 months and a half from the release of 016. While it features some essential package upgrades, this revision aims at providing a more stable foundation for those who want to try it out.

The list of improvements is extensive. The following is a summary of what's new since 016:

  • Enabled support for Core2 processors
  • Improved support for UEFI systems and virtualized platforms
  • Improved detection of other operating systems when creating the GRUB config file
  • Support for installation on external hard drives
  • Fixes the SSL certificates paths
  • Fixes SSL support in our Compile tool
  • Fixes the /usr/libexec compatibility link
  • Inclusion of CryptSetup to enable mounting of encrypted partitions from the Live ISO
  • Inclusion of Listener, a daemon that automatically cleans up broken links when entries from /Programs are removed
  • Inclusion of APulse 0.1.9 as a replacement for Pulse Audio (required by Firefox 52.0 onwards)
  • The release notes contains a list of updated packages

The Live ISO can be downloaded from our GitHub page, from where you can also review the full change logs.

• 2017-04-04 01:15

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Current version is 016.01. It is a Live environment which can be run from a DVD, USB drive and also be installed into your hard drive. Give it a spin!

Check out the mirror list.


GoboLinux is pretty different from the other Linux distributions you may be used to, so it's a good idea to read more about it...


These are the main focal points of the GoboLinux community:

] The users mailing list (archives, search), where users and developers alike talk about Gobo and help each other out;
] The GoboLinux wiki, our collaborative documentation site, where everyone is welcome to contribute;
] You can also join us at the #gobolinux IRC channel, at irc.freenode.net

More at our Community page.

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